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How I Empowered my Life by Choosing Ethical Fashion

by Lisa Polesello on March 19, 2022

I am not perfect and my brand is not perfect either, but I like to think I am doing everything I can to get as close as possible.

Fashion is always been my biggest obsession and, I can’t lie, I was one of those people who got trapped into the fast-fashion addiction. When I started to earn my own money, fast-fashion was the main thing for me, I remember I was thinking “cheaper is better” because I could buy more and more clothes. I was actually using shopping as a therapy for all my “problems”. At those times I knew nothing about sustainability.


After a couple of years trapped into this obsession, I heard the word “Sustainable Fashion”. I started to research more and more and the first thing I felt was guilty. It was time to change my approach to fashion.


Around the same time, I bought a sewing machine and decided to start my own business Lunatic_pin in which I’m making and selling handmade clothing.


“If you must make new clothes, you have to do that in the most sustainable and responsive way as possible” this became my biggest believe.

I learned Sustainability is huge and actually very personal.
I learned Sustainability is an endless journey.
I learned Sustainability is a process you have to do step by step, planning one goal at the time reaching that before moving to the new one.
I learned Sustainability is even about profit, otherwise your brand will die and all the good intentions will die with it.
Most important, I learned you do not have to feel guilty if you are not following every step by the book.. As I said at the beginning, Sustainability is an endless journey.

So, I decided to move to slow-fashion and you know what?

My life completely changed. First of all, I noticed a huge difference on my wallet (It’s like when you quit smoking and you realised how much money you wasted trying to kill yourself).

Before I was buying just cheap clothes but, how many of them? A lot! What a waste of money!! I remember having brand new clothes on my closet, with their tag still on!
Now I am buying clothes because I love them and not just because I like them. I feel a special attachment every time I am purchased something new and I am actually very curious to know the story behind it.

Where is it from?
Who made it?
What materials do they used to create it?
And most important.. how can I take care of it in order to make my new item last longer?
Just a beautiful and unique story behind a piece of fabric.


So, what’s your relationship with FASHION?




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